Urban Culture

Safety Culture: municipal programmes, one of catalonia's main economic driving forces

May 18th



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Economic report presentation carried out by Ferran Blanch (ESADE) and Oriol Cesena (UdG).
Local festivals and municipal programmes are the main musical and cultural circuit in Catalonia: They bring together more artists, audiences and economic impact than many other cultural events that are usually given more value or media prominence. The music scene in Catalonia would not be sustainable without this programming, and there would be a huge loss of heritage and cultural fabric and an economic impact. In this session we will put a figure on these programmes and analyse what the 2020 suspensions entailed and what the outlook is for the 2021 season. 
Panel discussion with: 
Hon. Ms. Àngels Ponsa: Minister of Culture of the Government of Catalonia
Gerard Quintana: President of the Catalan Academy of Music
Jordi Gratacós: President of the Professional Association of Representatives, Promoters and Managers of Catalonia. 
Miquel Curanta: Director del Instituto Catalán de empresas culturales.