Guest Cities: mobility, from product to service

May 19th



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This panel discussion will look at how companies are helping promote economic recovery in these two cities, the constantly changing mobility sector and the paradigm shift from customer centric to people centric, the cultural and technological change as a tool for manufacturers and users, and regulating the market with new technology.
We will have Inmaculada Riera (Director General of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce), Igor Garzesi (President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona), Alessio Merella (Business Development Manager at Abinsula), Renzo Spacone (Partner at JET Consultant), Tommaso Lucca (CEO of Assiteca), Isabel García Frontera (Director of Operations at FREE NOW) and Raul Chanclón (Chief sales & marketing officer SEAT MÓ).
Moderated by: Oscar Sala (Director of The Collider at MWC).