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RAC+1: Entrepreneurs

July 12th



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Will we live in wooden houses? Will we conquer space?

The RAC1's podcast Emprenedors reaches its last programme and has something special lined up for it. We will look into the future from an entrepreneur's perspective. Young people and students who dream of one day becoming entrepreneurs will talk to the founders of established start-ups. We will focus on two topics in particular: What will the houses of the future look like? Will wood, a 100% sustainable material, be the basis for the buildings of the future? And the second topic of discussion about the future will be the human presence in space beyond the Earth. Will we be able to conquer part of our outer space?

Adrià Argemí, CEO and founder of Pangea Aerospace
Xavier Claramunt, founder of Smartliving
Pere Recasens, winner of CATskills in the construction structures category
Anna Martí and Zacari Sougniez, promising young Lego Leaguers