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DAMA’s Making-ofs: ‘Mira lo que has hecho’

September 27th


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The International Series Festival (Serielizados Fest) is organising DAMA’s Making-ofs at CASA SEAT, a series of masterclasses dedicated to partners who create stories: director and scriptwriter; scriptwriter and editor; actor and director... They will tell us how they created specific scenes, key moments or challenges in the creative process in an up-close-and-personal setting. DAMA's Making-ofs delimit the concept of the classic masterclass to focus on analysing the composition of a specific moment in a particular series.

These training activities are designed for both experienced professionals and students within the audio-visual sector. The first session of DAMA's Making-ofs will focus on the Movistar+ series Mira lo que has hecho (Look what you've done) and will feature Berto Romero (creator and main character), Rafel Barceló (scriptwriter) and Alberto de Toro (editor).

The activity will take place on 27 September at 6:30 pm at CASA SEAT, the venue for all DAMA's Making-ofs. Two more sessions of DAMA's Making-ofs are already scheduled. One during the dates of Serielizados Fest 2021 (from 19 to 30 October), and another for the end of the year. The festival organisers will soon announce more details on their social networks about both sessions. DAMA is a Spanish organisation, with its slogan "Copyright for the 21st century”, that has specialised in audio-visual copyright management for the last twenty years and is today an international benchmark in this sector. As well as being a reference point for transparency, DAMA works to promote and defend audio-visual creation, through various educational and training programmes.