Urban Mobility

Marc Cortés: Frictionless

February 8

9:30 pm

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And what if the next place you bought something was from your car because it drives itself? And what if the automotive industry is no longer about manufacturing products but about selling services? And what if you could know what technology you need to grow your business without worrying about making the wrong choice?

We’re living in a time of change and transformation, and it seems like what we’ve learned isn’t enough to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. It feels like everything is moving too fast for us to take it all on board.

What if we get back to basics?

In this conference with Marc Cortés (digital advisor and ESADE professor) we’ll try to understand that the present and the future will be about redesigning how we relate to consumers, putting them at the centre of everything and eliminating or reducing the frictions of today’s omnichannel models.