Urban Culture

Ciutat Flamenco: Opening concert by Naike Ponce

May 20

7:00 pm

CASA SEAT is hosting the inaugural concert for the latest edition of the Ciutat Flamenco festival, which will celebrate this musical genre from 20 to 29 May with a multitude of performances and events in different venues around the city. Naike Ponce from Sanlúcar will be in charge of opening this year's edition, and together with her troupe she will present her latest album, Vivir, which was nominated for Best Flamenco Album at the Latin Grammys, at the CASA SEAT auditorium.

 is a profound and emotional journey for the senses. It is the mirror in which we all look at ourselves, the truth about which we deceive ourselves and from which we survive, escape, fight and confront. Let yourself be conquered by a whirlwind of emotions, intertwined and differentiated by the delicious, exquisite and heartfelt flamenco roots of unparalleled musicians:

Naike Ponce | vocals and dance
Javier Patino | guitar
Nasrine Rahmani | percussion
Víctor Franco and Marc López | palmas