Events in Barcelona:2023:09:New technologies and trends in road safety COM/EN

Urban Mobility

New technologies and trends in road safety

September 19

6:30 pm

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As the Pioneers exhibition, which CASA SEAT will be offering in September and October, reminds us, many of the safety systems incorporated in today's vehicles were devised by women. Their inventiveness and intelligence served to improve the safety of our roads from the very beginning of the automotive sector. They started a work that has developed exponentially over the last century and that hundreds of women and men are continuing with the aim of reducing the number of accidents.

What are the next technologies that will be incorporated into our vehicles to make them safer, how will autonomous cars coexist with today's cars and what challenges will this new situation bring? We will answer these and other questions about the future of road safety thanks to:

- Javier Luzón, Head of Vehicle Safety at SEAT S.A.
- Nuria Pérez, Head of the Traffic Victims Assistance Department at Aesleme.
- Jesús Monclús, Director of Prevention and Road Safety at Fundación MAPFRE.
- Òscar Llatje i Hierro, Mobility and Road Safety Engineer at the Servei Català de Trànsit.

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