2021.9.1 COM/EN

Women of the Future

The future of urban mobility, gastronomy and photography are female.

The Future of Urban Mobility

Anna Grau (Sustainability Manager at Esade Creapolis). A woman who believes improving connections between cities is their inhabitants’ right and, therefore, urban mobility and sustainability must be worked on jointly.

The Future of Cuisine

Sofia Janer (Chef and Pastry Chef). A chef marked by traditional cooking, the kind gran used to make. She’s made a name for herself on the national culinary scene after being on MasterChef and working at the prestigious ABaC restaurant in Barcelona. Her positive spirit and guts are a great inspiration.

The Future of Photography

Marta Mas (Fine Art Portrait Photographer). Interacting with her models and delving into different words is what this young photographer likes best. Gender inequality always has a place in her artwork, something she has experienced first hand.