Urban Culture

Safety Culture: moving towards a unified model for private minor contracts for public events

May 21th



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Another issue that has also been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic is the administrative model adopted by the administrations to contract public events. This is not a new issue, as work has been underway for some time to achieve unified criteria, but the 2020 cancellations showed that in the same circumstances, the effects were different depending on the administrative model applied to each local authority. This has accelerated the work that has been carried out between ARC and CSITAL Barcelona to take this big step. The conference will include a presentation on the budget model for private minor contracts for public events, the result of the collaboration between ARC and CSITAL Barcelona, so that from now on all local councils and private companies can use the same model.
Debate table with:
Kiku Vallina: Director Q-AM Producciones and member of ARC
Xavi Fortuny: RGB Director and ARC Member
Aurora Corral: President of CSITAL Barcelona
Olga Arnau Sanabra: President FMC - Mayor of Vilanova i la Geltrú
Lluis Soler: President ACM - Mayor Deltebre