Urban Culture

Safety Culture: organising events in times of pandemic

May 20th



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Boris Revollo's (Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation) Medical Report Presentation.
The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new concern for us when organising music events: our health. Since summer 2020, health-related protocols have had to be implemented for various musical events, and at the same time pilot tests have been carried out on new show concepts that we hope will soon be possible. In this session, we will analyse what has happened and what is to come in terms of Covid-19 measures for music events with one of the most renowned experts in this field.
Panel discussion with: 
Beth Abad : Secretary General of the Catalan Ministry of the Interior  - PROCICAT
Jordi Herreruela : Director of the Cruïlla Festival
Xavi Pascual: Director of the Festivals Acústica, Sons del Món and Strene