Urban Culture

RAC+1: Entrepreneurs

June 7th



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Introducing a new podcast of RAC1's Emprenedors programme hosted by CASA SEAT. Now you can enjoy the recording of new episodes from the show presented by Oriol Llop:
6:30 pm Entrepreneurs of culture
We'll be joined by Esteve Lombarte, CEO of Accustics and amateur musicians manager, and Tomàs Casals, co-founder of Bookish, the start-up that knows which book you'll like to read according to your interests and preferences. And of course, we're going to prepare a few more surprises, but you'll have to come to CASA SEAT to find out...
7:30 pm Foodtech entrepreneurs
The two guests on RAC1's Emprenedors podcast are a clear example of David's fight against Goliath. Marc Coloma, CEO of Heura, runs a start-up that has revolutionised the Spanish gastronomic market. His products look like chicken, smell like chicken, taste like chicken, but they are not chicken... they are soya! And Beatriz Mesas, co-founder of Incapto, invites us to return to the authentic taste of coffee, forget capsules and be more respectful of the environment. Marc questions the mighty meat market and puts forward a vegetable product that tastes like meat. Beatriz is a coffee expert and questions whether the encapsulated coffee machines that have revolutionised the market in recent years allow us to get the best flavour out of this product. David versus Goliath.
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