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ADI Making Of... Microdesign

Nomvember 3th


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New session of the ADI Making Of... project by ADI-FAD at CASA SEAT. Four conferences to explore and get to know the details of the winning products of the ADI 2020 Awards. This time, microdesign serves as the concept behind different designs.
The following products will be presented:

Bronze Delta Product 2020, Kodai Q23.
This is a piece of cutlery, a mixture of traditional Japanese metalwork and the basic metal tools used by the Bushi (Samurai). A collection inspired by Asian cuisine and tradition, which suits every table in the world. The collection features different textures and finishes in the design, paying attention to proportions and incorporating traditional-looking handles that evoke hand-forged iron.

Design speaker:
 Pol A. Fantoba, Managing Partner at Lúcid Design Agency. Company speaker: Dani Comas, CEO at Comas & Partners.

Bronze Delta Product 2020, Hole
It is a hollow cylinder, filled with light that is generated as if it came from outside. It is designed to achieve maximum lighting quality, high colour rendering and visual comfort. Its aim is to recreate the physical effect of pure light by opening up architectural gaps.

Design and company speaker:
 Clara Batiste, industrial designer at Simon. R+D engineer speaker Simon: Jordi Esteve, industrial designer at Jordi Esteve.

Bronze Delta Product 2020, Gradient Collection
A series of decorative designs, with aluminium chain, inspired by shades of light and shadow or the grey tones between black and white, and the transitions that appear between two pure colours. The result is eight variants to create subtle room dividers or wall coverings, among other solutions. These designs are ready to use, but can also be the starting point for developing a project with aluminium chain. They can be customised in size, design and colour. They can even be rotated, scaled, mirrored and distorted. Design: Luis Eslava.

Company speaker:
 Josep M. Sans, Managing Director at Kriskadecor.

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