Urban Culture

Politics between reality and fiction: Pedro Vallín and Iván Redondo

16 November

18:30 pm

Relive the event

Discussion between Pedro Vallín and Iván Redondo, presented and hosted by Joana Bonet to mark the publication of C3PO en la corte del rey Felipe (C3PO in the court of King Felipe).

The break-up of Pablo Iglesias and Íñigo Errejón as a Patricia Highsmith novel of betrayal. Villarejo as a remake of Oedipus Rex. How the General Judiciary Council works explained through the Star Wars universe... Experienced cultural journalist Pedro Vallín (Asturias, 1971) realised how the archetypes and structures of literary and cinematographic fiction help us to understand many key political developments in Spain over the last fifteen years. Politics between reality and fiction, between Machiavelli and George Lucas.