Urban Culture

48H Open House Barcelona: Més enllà de l’arquitectura

June 10

3:30 pm

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As part of the Festival of the New European Bauhaus, 48H Open House Barcelona and CASA SEAT invite you to a conversation dedicated to the arts and crafts of architecture. For an hour, the work of technical architects, educators, construction managers and workers from various fields who contribute to the creation of unique buildings will be highlighted.


- Elisenda Bonet (director of Open House)
- Rosa Maria Capdevila (head of the building and civil engineering department at Institut Provençana).
- Jose Luis Torneiro (site manager at CASA SEAT).
- Valero Escolar (installer at OAK 2000 construction company).
- Cristina Sendra (Real Estate Value Manager Circular Construction & C2C at Eco Intelligent Growth - Grupo Construcía).

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