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Urban Culture

ADI Making Of... Design and robotics

November 9

6:30 pm

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Traditionally, robotics combines mechatronics, computer science and engineering in the design and manufacture of machines with the ability to perform high-precision tasks using various intelligences. In recent years, robotics has played a key role in both process automation and industrial development.

From ADI-FAD we present a new edition of ADI Making Of that explores four robotics projects from the design point of view. Four presentations about robots, with their designers and producers, in which the advantages and challenges of working in the design and development of new intelligent technology systems will be shared. Gennís Senen, vocal member of ADI-FAD, will be in charge of opening the activity which will take place at CASA SEAT.


Be-ia: emotional ultrasound robot
Company: i-mas
Albert Fernández Guerrero and Marina Llimona Torrente

Be-ia is a revolution in the field of emotional ultrasound and obstetrics, representing the ultimate technological disruption. This device combines high-quality design with innovative technology to completely transform the ultrasound experience. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Be-ia processes hyper-realistic images of babies in real time, eliminating the need for post-production. It can process images in 3D, 4D or even 5D, providing an ultimate solution that will surprise everyone.

Seabots: robotics for ocean preservation
Company: GPSeabots
Pau Guasch, founder

The oceans have always been a source of progress and well-being for mankind. However, they are currently facing several problems such as acidification, overfishing and plastic pollution. Understanding these problems is the first essential step to solving them. Unfortunately, conventional methods cannot provide answers quickly enough. This is where robotics, with its automation and digitization capabilities, emerges as a solution, offering advanced tools to collect data and effectively address these ocean challenges.

Bitrack: surgical robot
Company: MOS More On Simplicity
David Grifols

Surgical robots have arrived in operating rooms to stay there. They generate better results, shorter hospital stays and faster patient recoveries. The company Rob Surgical, created by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), has developed the first open-source system designed to improve the efficiency of minimally invasive robotic surgery: Bitrack. Controlled from the console, the system offers 7 degrees of freedom to the surgeon and sub-millimeter precision. Its architecture allows it to be placed in any position around the patient and to have complete anatomical accessibility.

TIAgo Pro
Company: PAL Robotics

TIAGo Pro offers enhanced manipulation and state-of-the-art human-robot interaction capabilities. The robot was launched in 2023 with the goal of targeting agile manufacturing needs with human-centric qualities to work alongside humans. TIAGo Pro features arm placement for easy front and side reach: the robot is able to reach objects on the floor and high shelves. The fully torque-controllable arms (with brakes on each joint) also allow users to have more precise and human-centered manipulation.

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