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Urban Culture

ADI Making Of... Design and technology

January 26

6:30 pm

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The imminent arrival of the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0 foresees a profound change in the relationship with our objects. A new paradigm in which industrial design will have to define how to articulate increasingly technologically complex products without renouncing the emotional dimension that links them to people.

This new edition of ADI Making Of aims to discover the limits and opportunities offered by technology in relation to industrial design.


- Bolita lamp by Marset, design by Kaschkasch (Florian Kallus & Sebastian Schneider). Delta de Plata Award 2020.
- Alba lamp by Nil Peguero, ADI Bronze Medal 2020.
- TMBLight lamp by Manu González, ADI Medal Mention 2020.
- Autofabricantes Project, by Francisco A. Díaz Montero. ADI Culture 2020 Award Selection.

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