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Urban Culture

Afterwork El Periódico: Francesc Rubiralta

April 25

7:00 pm


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In a new session of Afterwork El Periódico we will talk about circularity with the president and CEO of CELSA Group Francesc Rubiralta.

CELSA Group, a renowned family company in Europe, has demonstrated leadership in the production of low-carbon circular steel. The company prides itself on manufacturing products that are 100% recyclable countless times, which allows them to reduce the amount of waste generated and, at the same time, minimize the environmental impact.

In this event, Francesc Rubiralta, will share his vision of the circular economy and the keys to implement it effectively. As a true pioneer in the production of circular steel, Rubiralta has a deep knowledge and experience in the implementation of sustainable practices that will be of great value to all attendees.

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