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Afterwork El Periódico: Jaume Duch

May 9

7:00 pm

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On the occasion of Europe Day, we will have Jaume Duch, Director of Communication of the European Parliament and also its spokesperson, as our guest at the El Periódico Afterwork in May.

Jaume Duch is a lawyer by training, university professor and journalist. After a decade as Media Director of the institution, in 2017 he was appointed Director General of Communication of the European Parliament.

Next June, 450 million citizens of the European Union are called to vote for the new MEPs who will sit in the hemicycle. These elections could be crucial for the future of the Union in a global scenario marked by geopolitical and socio-economic conflicts.

Duch, who has a deep knowledge of the institution, will talk to us about the challenges we face in terms of defence, inflation, ecological and digital transition, immigration among others and its need for internal reform.

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