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Cultura Urbana

Afterwork El Periódico: Joan Guàrdia

November 15

7:00 pm

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Joan Guàrdia, rector of the prestigious University of Barcelona, will be the star of the new Afterwork El Periódico.

The University of Barcelona is among the top two hundred universities in the world. With more than 18,000 students selecting the UB for their studies this year, and an impressive enrolment of over 76,000 students spread across 17 faculties in the Metropolitan Area, the University of Barcelona is a beacon of academic excellence and a powerhouse of opportunities for both faculty and students seeking international study and research mobility.

In this Afterwork, Rector Joan Guàrdia will share his visions and challenges in the direction and management of the university. He will talk about the importance of maintaining quality standards, promoting international projection and, above all, how the UB adapts and anticipates the demands of a constantly changing society.

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