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Urban Culture

Año Cero: disrupción creativa

November 21

5:30 pm        

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RETINA invites you to the meeting: "Creative Disruption" at CASA SEAT.

Technology, and artificial intelligence in particular, are drastically changing the nature of creative processes. Algorithms are already in music, architecture, design and the visual arts. The computer is now a canvas and a paintbrush; a musical instrument and a complete production studio; a powerful camera and a distribution platform.

What are the implications of this shift for creative work and talent, how does it empower creators, and what impact will it have on the cultural and creative industries? We will discover all these questions and much more with the participation of, among others:

- Jaime García Cantero, RETINA Director.
- Pepa Romero, Managing Director Chazz.
- Jaume Ripoll, Co-founder of Filmin.
- Mireia Escobar, Director of Disseny Hub de Barcelona.
- Esther Rizo, Designer and researcher in new media.
- Sergio Caballero, Co-founder of Sonar.
- Hamill Industries, Creative studio.

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