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Urban Culture

Benidorm Fest at CASA SEAT

February 3

9:00 pm

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On 3 February, we will turn CASA SEAT into Benidorm's Palacio de los Deportes with the live broadcast of the final of Benidorm Fest 2024 on our Floor 0.

Under the guidance of Clover Bish, dancer and drag queen, our space will be transformed into the epicentre of music and glamour. Clover Bish will be the master of ceremonies, offering a preshow full of past hits of the festival that will make you dance and remember unforgettable moments.

The Benidorm Fest broadcast will be an experience, and Clover Bish will be there to liven up every moment with her unrivalled charisma and energy. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the excitement of the festival from CASA SEAT.

Are you ready to enjoy the perfect mix between the essence of Benidorm Fest and the unmistakable style of Clover Bish?

During the event there will be a special food and drink menu available in the restaurant.

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