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Urban Mobility

CARNET Insights: Active mobility

January 19

6:30 pm

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Active mobility, meaning walking or cycling, is one of the essential components of a successful multi-mode mobility model and promoting sustainable urban mobility. How is this model being incorporated into cities’ mobility plans? What are the most successful, efficient ways to get people involved and make them part of the change? In this session of CARNET Insights, we’ll get answers to these questions from:

Cristian Bardají, Head of Mobility, RACC.
Silvia Casorrán, Deputy Chief Architect, Barcelona City Council.
Prof. Andres Monzon, TRANSyT-UPM, UPM Delegate for Sustainable Mobility    Cluster Mobility of the Future.

Moderated by: Inés Aquilue, PhD in Architecture and Urbanism and Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

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