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Cara a Cara El Periódico: Mas&Deporte

June 5

6:00 pm

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Next Wednesday, June 5, CASA SEAT becomes the epicenter of the soccer debate with a very special edition of El Periódico's regular FACE to FACE. We will analyze the achievements and disappointments of this season for the greats of Catalan and Spanish soccer: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Girona and Espanyol.

Sergi Mas presents the talk show with the presence of three renowned experts in the world of sport: Paco Cabezas, head of sports at El Periódico; Marcos López, editor of the sports section of El Periódico; Laia Bonals, sports journalist of El Periódico, and Joan Vehils, director of Sport. In addition, via videoconference, different journalists from Prensa Ibérica newspapers will join in to offer their perspectives and enrich the discussion.

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