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Urban Culture

Diàlegs UPC Arts: Science Professionals in the Arts

February 15

6:00 pm

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Science and the arts have traditionally been seen as two completely separate spheres. However, experience has shown that incorporating humanistic approaches into technological research helps resolve issues and leads to notable advances, and vice versa. What are the benefits of having a science background when you work in a creative sector? This will be the topic of the February UPC Arts Dialogues session featuring:

- Silvia Ferrando, director of Barcelona’s Institute of Theatre.
- Ferran Ràfols, literary translator - Ferran Utzet, playwright.
- Mireia de Gracia, MSc in Sound and Music Computing.

Moderated by: Carme Fenoll, director of Culture and Community at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

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