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Urban Culture

Driving attitude

May 18

10:00 am

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Once again this year, SEAT S.A. is hosting Healthy Week: a week of activities on health, safety and wellness. To demonstrate the company’s commitment to everyone’s health, part of the programme is open to the general public and you can take part in the CASA SEAT auditorium.

Amaxophobia is the fear of driving. If getting behind the wheel generates some fear and you want to overcome it, do not miss this meeting with David Bosch, expert in safe driving and technical director of Fast ParcMotor, in which he will give the recipes to overcome this phobia in a pleasant, dynamic and entertaining way. In addition, he will explain what you should keep in mind when you get behind the wheel to have even more protection against any unforeseen event.. It will be a fun, dynamic session and, above all, you’ll learn loads to make your road journeys even safer.

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