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Urban Culture

Summer Cinema: El niño y el mundo

July 29

12:00 pm

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Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Film, Boy and the World is a lyrical and dreamlike journey that depicts the dilemmas of the modern world through the innocent eyes of a child. This coming-of-age tale is an exceptional example of contemporary animation. The film has no dialogue apart from a few phrases spoken by the characters in reverse Portuguese.

In an idyllic rural area of Brazil, a young boy lives happily with his family until his father is forced to leave to the city for work. Determined to find his father, the boy embarks on a captivating adventure that unveils a new world dominated by technology, machinery and the media. Cuca, the boy, experiences this reality with his childlike perspective, always striving to navigate challenges in the most playful and innocent way possible. 

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Language: Catalan.

For the full experience, we offer a special combo of popcorn and soft drink for €5. Come to the restaurant and take it with you.

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