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Urban Culture

Summer Cinema: Mi vacío y yo

August 10

7:00 pm

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Inspired by The Shipwreck of the Medusa, "El vientre del mar" is an ambitious and unrepeatable work, the pinnacle of its author, Agustí Villaronga. Big winner at the Malaga Festival, with up to 6 awards including Best Film and Best Director.

June 1816. The French Navy frigate La Alliance runs aground on a sandbank off the coast of Senegal. Attempts to free the hull prove futile and the ship is abandoned. As the available boats were insufficient to accommodate all the crew, a raft about 12 metres long and 6 metres wide was built. They forced 147 men onto this precarious vessel: soldiers, sailors, a few passengers and a few officers. The ship's evacuation plan calls for the available boats to tow them to shore. Even so, panic and confusion gripped the convoy as it tried to reach shore. Through cowardice or ineptitude, the boats lose contact with the raft. The tow rope breaks, or someone cuts it. The boats abandon the raft to its fate. The current sweeps it away, and it disappears over the horizon.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.
Language: Catalan (Subtitles in Spanish).

For the full experience, we offer a special combo of popcorn and soft drink for 5€. Come to the restaurant and take it with you.

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