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Urban Mobility

Emotional Travel: Car Pride, Impacts and Global Mobility Culture Comparison

April 17

6:30 pm

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The transportation world is booming but in flux: the industry is being reshuffled, communities are anxious about their mobility future, and the ecosystem pressure is daunting. In this talk, Prof. Zhao uses a unique behavioral perspective to examine new mobility technologies: autonomy, electrification, connectivity, and AI, and new evolving priorities: decarbonization, public health, and social justice. Prof. Zhao argues that travel is charged with emotional and social meaning that impacts how we understand travel with behavioral realism and how we change behavior with technology, business and policies. The car not only fulfills instrumental functions; it also holds symbolic and affective meaning.

Prof. Zhao define and measure car pride, establish its causal relationships with car behavior and compare it across 51 countries in the world. More generally Prof. Zhao illustrates the power of fusing behavioral and computational thinking to decarbonize the global mobility system.

Talk moderated by journalist Pipo Serrano.

Event in English.

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