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Exhibition: 5 generations of the SEAT Ibiza

From March 25

to April 6

Visit historic SEAT cars

Let's celebrate together four decades of history, innovation, and style with the exhibition "5 Generations of the SEAT Ibiza" at CASA SEAT!

Since its birth in 1984, the SEAT Ibiza has been much more than a car; it has been a symbol of progress and evolution. This exhibition is a tribute to its indelible legacy and its influence on the automotive industry.

Visit CASA SEAT from March 25th to April 6th to admire a unique display: a representative unit from each generation of the Ibiza, coming from the SEAT Historic Car Collection. From the first model that made a milestone in SEAT's history to the innovative current generation, which will be represented by the SEAT Ibiza FR Anniversary.

Each exhibited unit tells its own story, reflecting the advancements in design, technology, and performance that have characterized these five generations. From pioneering collaborations with visionaries like Giorgetto Giugiaro, Karmann, and Porsche, to the present day, where the Ibiza continues to be a benchmark of style and dynamism on roads worldwide.

Discover how the Ibiza has evolved and adapted over the years, always maintaining its essence and innovative spirit.

We look forward to celebrating together 40 years of emotions on wheels with the Ibiza!

In addition, you can participate in the draw for a double ticket to visit the Nave A-122, SEAT S.A.'s collection of historic cars, by clicking on the following link.