Cultura Urbana

Girl Bosses: restructuring the music biz

March 2

7:00 pm

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We have taken being "girl bosses" very seriously and we have hit the wall. The empowered woman is a woman in over her head, who does not sleep and does not rest. A woman who has to prove every day x1000 that she deserves her position. And in music, art or culture, even more.

We have spent years of feminist struggle and we have expressed our anger with more than enough. Inequality has been made visible with a lot of data and in recent years we can say that - finally - we are seeing changes... but what now?

This table aims to be a practical and brainstorming exercise to discover together the next steps in this crazy business. Super powerful women of the music biz, each with a different personal and professional experience, come together to propose new structures and try to discover the way forward.


- Andrea Faroppa (Creative industries partnerships).
- La Blackie (Artist).
- Aïda Camprubi (Programmer and cultural critic).
- Michelle Ronquillo (Music industry consultant / transformational coach).

Moderator: Leonora Casacu (Founder and CEO of Ladradora).

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