How is Web 3.0 transforming the gaming industry?

June 28

7:00 pm


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Learn more about how Web3, tokens, NFTs and blockchain have burst into the world of gaming to transform the way we play and the way industry professionals build video games.

With the new business and gaming models, the production of these games is no longer in the hands of a few, but with the new technologies, the number of companies that evolve from traditional gaming to Web3 gaming through blockchain and tokens has proliferated.

We will be joined at this event by:

- Champion Games: Marc Cercós (CEO).
- Tilting Point: Mathias Royer (CEO).
- Bit2me: Mario Brassesco (Head of Strategy and M&A).
- G4AL: Manel Sort (CEO & co-founder) 

Moderator: Manuel González (Director of Zoom Net, TVE).

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