How to revolutionise everything by being creative and omnichannel

October 27

6:30 pm

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Jordi Barri and Aleix Puig will explain how Flax & Kale and VICIO were born and how they have managed, with few resources and a lot of creativity, to gain a place among consumers and create a large tribe of followers.

How have they managed their growth? How have they developed their omnichannel strategy? What has led VICIO to make the leap from Food Delivery to Restaurants and Hot Spots? How has Flax & Kale moved its healthy revolution from restaurants to supermarket shelves?

All these answers and more in a session that will end with a networking with a lot of VICIO and Flax & Kale.


- Jordi Barri, Co-Founder, CEO of Flax & Kale.
- Aleix Puig, Co-Founder, co-CEO of VICIO.

Moderator: Silvia Roig, member of the Board of Directors of Club Marketing Barcelona.

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