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Urban Culture

How to stand out in an information-saturated world

September 13

6:30 pm

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The multiplication of media and social networks makes the public's attention one of the scarcest commodities. How do you get your messages heard in a world saturated with information? Thanks to the experience and opinions of the experts who will participate in this round table, you will be able to discover the challenges, disruptive strategies and innovative approaches to ensure that your communications have an impact on very broad audiences. We will count with the interventions of:

- Betty Bigas, curator and visual artist.
- Lara Quetglas, entrepreneur and designer at Talk Under Light.
- Pat Carrasco, marketing consultant and teacher.
- Yago, creative director of Putos Espirituales.

Moderator: Anna Mastrolitto, cultural entrepreneur and founder of Dreamers Academy.

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