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Human vs Artificial

October 4

6:30 pm

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An event to confront human skills and intelligence with the power of new technologies and artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence promises a new era of opportunities and, at the same time, will create new challenges. Should the use of these technologies be limited? What will be the role of human beings when artificial intelligence is fully developed?

We invite you to attend an exciting debate between the renowned publicist Toni Segarra, in charge of representing natural intelligence and human skills, and the digital transformation specialist Genís Roca, who will advocate the benefits of new technologies and artificial intelligence. The speaker and motivational expert Lluís Soldevila will be in charge of moderating this event that promises to shed light on the future that awaits us and the crucial decisions we must make.

Event organised by the Fundación Privada para la Creativación to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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