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Urban Culture

Illustrated concert with Rumba Nois

June 3

7:30 pm


Immerse yourself in the fusion of music and art in an incredible illustrated concert starring the group Rumba Nois. But that's not all, because while the infectious chords of the music play, the talented artists Perico Pastor, Patossa and Àfrica Fanlo will bring a live visual story to life.

Imagine the power of Rumba Nois' music fused with the overflowing creativity of the scene's leading illustrators. Together, they will create a unique and captivating experience that will transport you to a world of colors, rhythms and emotions.

For this event, we offer the possibility of enjoying a TOP Experience associated with the event which, in addition to two preferential seats in our auditorium, includes a gastronomic experience in our restaurant right after the event for 42€ for two people.

The TOP Experience money will only be refunded if cancelled 72h in advance; if cancelled with less time, it must be rescheduled for another day within 30 days and contact to do so.

Tickets available from May 24.