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International supply chains and maritime transport in a world of disruptions

May 24

6:30 pm

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As the International Logistics Exhibition - SIL will take place at the end of May, CASA SEAT has decided to devote the monthly session on mobility to maritime transport and supply chains. This is a unique opportunity to share a table with experts in this key sector that has seen constant disruptions over the past two years.

The speakers will discuss the changes they see on the horizon regarding maritime transport, diversification of transport routes and suppliers of key products, the interests of the major powers in the Silk Road, Arctic, Panama Canal and the fight against climate control. The question in the air right now is whether we’re in the middle of a paradigm shift because globalisation based on international maritime trade has topped out.

- Jordi Torrent, Head of Strategy, Port of Barcelona
- Carlos Santana, Adjunct Professor at IE Business School. Former Managing Director YXE.
- Fanny Torras, Director of Logistics, Quimidroga
- Enric Martí, Director of Logistics, SEAT S.A.

Moderated by:
Mónica Peinado Molina, Economy and Society Journalist, SER Catalunya