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Urban Culture

Intimate Flaixbac: Figa Flawas

April 15

6:00 pm

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On 15 April, we present a new edition of "Intimate Flaixbac", the series of interviews that, together with Ràdio Flaixbac, brings you closer to the most outstanding voices on the music scene with a very special guest: Figa Flawas.

This year, the duo from Valls have presented their new album of twenty tracks, in which they have dabbled in all possible rhythms, showing that their hallmark is just that: not having a fixed style. An album that fulfils the expectations that had been generated around them, as in the last year they have reached a large audience thanks to hits such as "Mussegu" and "Diabla".

In this Intimate Flaixbac we will learn more about the duo and all the curiosities surrounding their new album. In addition, at the end of the interview, we will be able to listen live to some of their best hits.

Tickets available from the 3rd of April at 10:00h.