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Urban Culture

Judith Tiral interviews Nacho Roura

May 31

7:00 pm

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Have you ever wondered how your brain adapts to different situations such as love, heartbreak, envy, anger or happiness?

If you want to understand the physiological mechanisms behind these emotions, you can't miss the event in which Judith Tiral will interview Nacho Roura, renowned neuropsychologist and popularizer.

For the first time on stage, Judith Tiral, expert in communication and personal development, will immerse herself in a fascinating conversation with Nacho Roura, who has extensive experience in the study of the brain and its relationship with our emotions and behaviors.

Nacho Roura will reveal the secrets of the human brain and how it adapts to different emotional situations. Discover how the neurophysiological mechanisms that influence our emotions work and how we can better understand and manage our emotional reactions in different contexts of everyday life.

The interview will be available on our YouTube channel.

Tickets available from April 24.