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Urban Culture

La superpotencia renovable

November 7

6:30 pm

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La superpotencia renovable (Arpa, 2023) is the first essay by Daniel Pérez Rodríguez, a specialist in the energy sector and general director of L'Energètica, the public renewable energy production company of Catalonia. In this title, the author explains why Spain is in an unbeatable position to be an energy superpower and produce cheap, safe and very abundant renewable energy for itself, for the countries around it and to attract foreign direct investment.

How will the change of production model affect electricity prices? Can our country become a powerhouse in energy generation? How will this affect the rest of the economy? The political scientist Nacho Corredor will be in charge of talking about this topic with the author of the book, in order to answer this and other questions about the future of the energy sector in our country.

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