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Urban Culture

Literary Cafés: Vicente Luis Mora

November 4

8:00 pm

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In this session of Literary Cafés, the literary critic Jorge Carrión will chat with the writer Vicente Luis Mora about his new book: Circular 22. Circular 22 considers the world as a literary genre. Vicente attempts to answer the question of whether it is possible to write a book that addresses hard issues (poverty, geopolitics, illness, evictions, precariousness, dismissals, social differences) as well as lighter ones that are dynamic and stressed at the same time.

An author, poet, essayist, and literary critic, Vicente Luis Mora belongs to the Spanish literary community. He lives in Malaga and works as a professor of literature at the University of Seville. He has received various awards for his literary works and has a literary and cultural criticism blog entitled Diario de Lecturas.