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MUTEK ES Symposium: Science and Technology for a Future without Gender

From March 3

to March 4

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On Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March, CASA SEAT will be hosting the 3rd MUTEK ES Symposium: Science and Technology for a Future without Gender.

Carrying on the commitment that began in its previous edition to shed light and begin to create a new industry model where there is no place for gender inequality and discrimination, these two sessions will focus on debating and analysing the past, present and future impact of technology and science on culture and, specifically, on digital and sound creation, and highlighting its crucial role in this new road map towards “a future without gender”.

Programme for the 1st Session / Thursday 3 March:

6:00 pm | Welcome and Presentation.
Are we aware of the importance of Science and Technology for a ‘Future without Gender’?

6:30 pm | Panel discussion “Algorithmic justice from a gender perspective”. 
With several researchers, this panel will raise awareness of the importance of many technological advances and the need for a framework, plus a debate on how AI can contribute to a future without gender.

7:30 pm | Talk. Efe Ce Ele: ‘Taxonomy, Gender and Technological Art’.
 This talk will connect different worlds to reflect on how biological naming and descriptions generate categories that are often overly rigid and, when applied to people, condition the existence and development of those to which they apply.

8:30 pm | Show. Efe Ce Ele presents ‘Bio-Synthesis’. 
To complement her talk, Efe Ce Ele will also perform live, presenting a transmedia performance with microbiological and digital resources to generate audiovisual environments.

Programme for the 2nd Session / Friday 4 March:

6:00 pm | Keynote. Responsibility, commitment and activism in the media for social change with a gender perspective. Marta Salicrú
, director of Radio Primavera Sound, reflects on how media outlets are key in advancing towards full gender equality.

6:30 pm | Panel discussion Social and technological progress: today’s challenges to ensure diverse, inclusive technological environments in the future. 
This panel will look at the challenges women face in the technology arena, and how different groups and organisations promoting women in technology tackle them.

7:30 pm | PANEL | Femnøise presents “Challenges and opportunities for the creators of the future in new virtual economies and scenarios”. 
For this panel, Femnøise brings together women who are multimedia artists, creators of new digital environments and experts in intellectual property to analyse, from a gender perspective, the challenges and opportunities arising from the emerging creative ecosystems (metaverse economy, NFTs, etc.).

8:30 pm | NETWORKING | Closing of the MUTEK ES Symposium.

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