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Cultura Urbana

Mark Amerika: 30 Years Creating Art on the Net

March 31

7:00 pm

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After the inauguration of the exhibition “Mark Amerika. Remixing Reality. 1993-2023” at the Marlborough Gallery in Barcelona on 30 March, the US artist will visit the CASA SEAT auditorium to chat about his long career exploring the possibilities of the Internet to create and exhibit artwork.

Journalist Roberta Bosco will speak with Mark Amerika about his early days in Net.art, of which he is considered a pioneer, and the evolution from his first creations based on hyperlinks to the latest ones using artificial intelligence and NFTs. The US artist, who is also a scholar and Art professor at the University of Colorado, will reflect on how the Internet has expanded the options open to creators and viewers, as well as its effects on the market.

Event organised jointly with the Galería Marlborough

With consecutive interpretation into Spanish.

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