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Urban Culture

Marta Soto, in concert

May 10

7:00 pm

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Marta Soto, one of the most promising voices on the Spanish music scene, comes to CASA SEAT to offer an unforgettable intimate concert, piano and voice.

With her debut album ‘Míranos’ in 2018, she reached number one in sales in Spain and sold out tickets all over the country with her successful 'Míranos Tour'. She also performed on international stages such as the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Olympia Theatre in Paris. His second album, ‘Todo lo que tengo’ from 2022, includes hits such as ‘Dirás’ and ‘Esperanza’, with more than 1 million streams on Spotify. She is currently preparing her new musical project, which she is revealing single by single. 

Marta continues to captivate audiences with her voice in countless concerts since then.

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