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Urban Culture

Draw Meet the artist with Rosario Flores

June 8

6:30 pm


Here you have another chance to get your tticket!

Meet the artist is one of the musical cycles that offers audiences the unique opportunity to see their favourite artists in an intimate and personal format.

On this occasion we are visited by Rosario Flores, a renewed Rosario, mature and squeezing the irresistible mix of rumba, flamenco, reggae, ballads and pop that, years ago, she herself baptised as "gypsy-funky". This is how the youngest daughter of La Faraona and El Pescaílla, almost thirty years after her debut, presents herself with her first album in five years: Te lo digo todo y no te digo na, cooked up with rabidly modern tools, a new team of producers and exciting collaborations.

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