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Meeting on emotional health in business

October 10

7:00 pm

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In this meeting on emotional health in business, we will hear different stories of successful entrepreneurs who have faced emotional challenges on their way to business success.

Sara Werner, CEO and co-founder of Cocunat, will share her experiences and emotional ups and downs as an entrepreneur. Benoît Menardo, CEO and co-founder of Payflow, will bring a fresh perspective as a young entrepreneur at the helm of a fast-growing business, exploring the emotional implications of leading ever-expanding teams. In addition, Jordi Miró Bruix, co-founder of Hostels Network and ANCLA, the organisation that supports the mental and emotional health of entrepreneurs, will provide essential advice on emotional balance in the business world.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to understand the importance of emotional health in business success!

Event organised in collaboration with Emprendedores magazine.

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