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Urban Culture

Miquel Molina: "Proyecto Barcelona"

February 8

6:30 pm

Relive the event

Three years after publishing "Alerta Barcelona", Miquel Molina, deputy editor of La Vanguardia, takes the pulse of the city again. Is it in decline or just suffering a loss of momentum while a change of model takes shape? In "Proyecto Barcelona", the author suggests a combination of culture, design, technology, science and urbanism to relaunch the city.

Don't miss this talk by Miquel Molina with Ainhoa Grandes (President of the MACBA Foundation), Sara Puig (President of the MIRÓ Foundation) and the moderator Cristina Salvador (CEO Both People & Comms) will invite us to reflect on these questions and to visualize an immediate horizon: the year 2023 when important anniversaries will be celebrated (Picasso, Miró, Tàpies...) and municipal elections will take place.