Events in Barcelona:2024:05:Moderna de Pueblo, at CASA SEAT COM/EN

Urban Culture

Moderna de Pueblo, at CASA SEAT

May 3

6:30 pm

Raquel Córcoles (aka Moderna de Pueblo) visits the CASA SEAT auditorium to present her latest book: Los capullos regalan flores. This comic is a new edition of what was her first publishing success, which Moderna revisits 10 years after its publication to analyse with humour and a critical eye how her ideas about love relationships have changed. With her light-hearted style, the author adds extra pages after each chapter to show how the need for male approval has evolved in just a decade, and to demonstrate that ‘modern’ women also have the right to mature and to claim their own love.

Tickets available from April 26 at 10:00h.