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Urban Culture

Moments Estel·lars: Montjuïc, the mountain of museums

July 1

6:30 pm

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In a new session of Moments Estel·lars, organised by The New Barcelona Post, we will put at the centre of the debate the museum offer of our city and the vital role of museums in the cultural revitalisation and attraction of quality tourism. Under the slogan "Montjuïc, the mountain of museums", we will bring together three prominent speakers who lead important cultural institutions in Barcelona:

- Isabel Salgado Gispert, Director of the Exhibitions and Collection Area of the "la Caixa" Foundation.
- Pepe Serra, Director of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
- Marko Daniel, Director of the Fundació Miró

The event will focus on reflecting on Montjuïc, a mountain that is home to some of the city's main cultural facilities, including the CaixaForum, the Fundació Miró and the Museu Nacional de Catalunya. We will discuss Montjuïc's major transformation project, the renovation and centenary of the Fira site, the expansion of the National Museum, as well as the challenges facing this great park, Barcelona's green and cultural lung.

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