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Presentation of “El 600: un sueño sobre ruedas”

November 5

12:30 pm

Relive the event

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the appearance on our streets of the SEAT 600, the vehicle that put the country on wheels. To celebrate it, Javi Martín has written El 600: un sueño sobre ruedas (Larousse, 2022), a book that tells the story of this legendary vehicle and includes more than 150 photographs from different documentary collections. We invite you to remember its impact on the industry and the economy, as well as on our society and common imaginary, by the hand of:

- Javi Martín, author of the book and motoring journalist with extensive experience as a vehicle tester.
- Jaime Sánchez, owner of one of the most important collections of historic SEAT vehicles in Spain (SEAT en Rodaje).
- Isidre López Badenas, head of SEAT Históricos.
- Enric Calpena, journalist and moderator of the talk.