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Urban Culture

Presentation of La buena compañía, by María Gómez

February 9

7:00 pm

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The psychology communicator María Gómez (@merigopsico) takes us on a fascinating journey in her new book, through the keys to social psychology that are taking Instagram, YouTube and TikTok by storm.

"La buena compañía" (Temas de Hoy) is not just a book; it is the reflection of the genius of a young psychologist who conquers hearts in her successful podcast "Croquis Mental". In this book, María Gómez captivates us with a fresh and modern language, sprinkled with references to characters such as Rosalía and Shakira. But make no mistake, behind the light-hearted appearance lies the most rigorous research in social psychology.

The presentation will be a conversation with the author of the book María Gómez and the illustrator, humorist and scriptwriter La Prados (@la_prados). 

In addition, at the end of the presentation, you will have the opportunity to take away with you an even more special souvenir. María Gómez will be signing copies of "La buena compañía". Don't miss it!

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